Is Royalty Really Fashionable?

Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with Kirin’s attitude toward royalty. He didn’t get it from me.

Stability is all about order in leadership, of course. Never mind finances or fleets or armies. All you really need is a leader with a crown and scepter. His word is law, no questions asked. One can serve him, or one can rebel. In either case, there will be uncles ready to spring from the woodwork and depose of untested nephews, or queens to seize the crown for their young infants.

But hey, it’s still all in one family. A family who can fight it out among themselves, while wielding great armies and unlimited power. What could ever go wrong?

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Bearers of Bronze: Part One

You’ve probably heard of Fidelyon, by now. That novel I’ve been working on for years and am currently trying to trim to a manageable length.

While writing a prequel short story.

I say short. It will probably be novelette length. Regardless, after much (like, a whole five minute’s worth) deliberation, I thought you might enjoy seeing how some of the main characters in Fidelyon first met. Just keep in mind that it is currently a work in progress and I’ve not polished yet. Basically, there might be some typoes…

But without more ado, here is part one of Bearer’s of Bronze, an account of events that happened four years before the novel, when Ethaniel was fifteen.

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Who wants a free book?

I have a problem. My robot is starting to say things better than I can.

Yes, I have a robot. Don’t ask why. None of my dragons were ornery enough to take over marketing emails. But today she actually has a pretty sweet giveaway to tell you about. She thinks it’s all her idea.

It might be best to let her keep thinking that.
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Guys. I have a title.

It’s about time for Legends of Light #4. What do you think? In any case, I’m pleased to tell you the rough draft is done! And I even have a title.

Legends of Light is made up of three sets of three novellas, so this second set will have a slightly different style of title and cover.

*rubs hands*

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New Fantasy Times: An Assassin’s Handbook

Kirin, umm, acquired a handbook not long ago. More like a pamphlet, giving tips to assassins both about their jobs and of what to do to occupy the times in between.

Disclaimer: if you’re reading this, you’re probably some young idiot who thinks he can take on the world and get paid to do it. Or you’ve some sort of broken past with nothing to lose. Or maybe you just like the money (which is decent, I admit. If you can keep it). All this to say, if you’re serious about being an assassin, chances are you’re going to die. Not yet, unless you’re really stupid. Maybe not for years. But sooner or later you’ll start a fight you can’t win. Or some vengeance stricken family will hunt you down. Or you’ll become so dangerous your own kind turns on you. If you can enjoy life with that shadow on your future, read on. If not, go find some other occupation, like candle-making or wool-carding.

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Think Furnace With Wings

An account of one of Kirin’s recent adventures in dealing dragons and trying to influence historical events. Fortunately, the official record has managed to clear most of his interference from sight, but here is his own account of what really happened when Bilbo met Smaug.

“Well, thief, come along into the light.” The dragon’s deep rumbling voice echoed through the great cavern as I crouched in the shadows of a far arch. “I smell you, feel your movement, hear your breath—”

I clapped one hand over my mouth.

“…help yourself again, there’s plenty to spare.”


I relaxed slightly even as a quick voice piped up from the opposite end of the cavern. “I’d rather not, if it’s all the same to you, Smaug the Tremendous. I’ve seen how you give your gifts and besides, I only wanted to see if the tales of your greatness were founded in reality.”

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20% off Christmas Sale!

Merry Christmas, everyone!


Of course, as writers, we get to be weird any time of the year we please. But there are sometimes it’s less obvious, I suppose.

In other news, as you saw from the title of the blog post, I’m running a week-long sale on Burning Rose! Both the autographed paperback and the ebook will be 20% off from now until midnight on New Year’s Eve (and I’ll actually be up at midnight that day. You have been warned.)

Plus, I’ll be adding some cool swag with each book that gets sold during this week, such as a Burning Rose bookmark and an exclusive Burning Rose magnet. Make sure you check it out!

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